3 Principles For A Life of Genero$ity


Growing up, we have not been financially well-off. Though I’m so grateful that my parents had provided for our basic needs (food, shelter, education and clothing), I still had to work for the other things that I want. So why would I even consider generosity when I don’t even have anything extra to give? Let me share three (3) principles I have learned that would counteract that mindset and would help us live a generous life:

Principle #1: God is the SOURCE. Everything else is just a RESOURCE. Our jobs, businesses, parents, investments, and other means of acquiring money is just a channel from the ultimate source. We may have the tendency to unconsciously brag about our abilities. Yet, if you think about it, we are really nothing apart from Him who enables us to produce wealth. With that perspective, we can be so generously giving knowing that we have such a rich source that never runs dry!

Principle #2: Sowing and Reaping. Let’s understand the importance of sowing GOOD and PLENTY seeds on GOOD SOIL and reaping it in DUE TIME. First, good seeds can be your actions like sponsoring someone else’s tuition fee when you know he/she cannot pay for his/her own, paying for somebody’s medical needs, or just simply helping a friend that is in need. Second, plenty seeds would mean taking all possible opportunities – not just one time but all the chances life would give you. Third, ask God for the good soil where you can start planting. It can be a missionary in your church or an organization with  a good cause. Lastly, in due time you will reap your harvest. It’s not that we are after the blessings but it’s just that we can never out-give God!

Principle #3: A Flowing River versus A Stagnant Water. I keep envisioning myself as a river that continuously flows and gives life to many. Whenever I share what I have whether it is cheerfully or sacrificially given, I just know in my heart that my river will be once again replenished! There’s just that unexplainable joy knowing that you live for something bigger than yourself. Do you want to be that of a stagnant water where bacteria and mosquitos breed? Of course not! Truly those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed!

Let’s choose to practice being generous because it is the faith to look beyond your present situation. With a strong track record, I would say God has been more than enough through the years! I had tremendously experienced his amazing provision in my life in many different ways! If you have any other principles on how to live out this kind of lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to comment down below!


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